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  • Gain flexibility, muscular tone & cardiovascular health 
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Total body workout; our classes emphasize in having fun while learning new skills, safe inversion therapy, which has been deemed one of the most beneficial practices for the body
  • The same gravity that causes daily compression on our bodies can now be used to our benefit when we incorporate a yoga hammock.
  • Improve Posture Decompress Your Spine & Improve Spinal Health (so important to overall health and so often forgotten) 
  • Increase Flexibility Strengthen 
  • Tone Muscles Cross Train to Improve Your Fitness Practice
  • Promote a Healthier Cardiovascular System 
  • Enjoy an Exhilarating Workout Restore Your Youthful Appearance
  • Increase Brain Activity (Think & Function Better Bring Peace to Your Mind, Body and Soul)

Beauty Note: While improving the body physically we are also restoring our natural youthful appearance. Flying Yoga poses release oxygen and nutrients to the brain that penetrate through the skin, and scalp. It is a natural cleanser that enhances skin elasticity and hair growth.

Aerial classes are usually capped at eight students. We like to have each student in their own apparatus. Contortion and “ground” classes are usually capped at fifteen. Flying Yoga and Restorative Yoga are capped at six students. Our classes are very personalized because AFA cares about your progress and results of what you are looking for as well as the safety of our students. 


Our classes are for everyone! We welcome all size and ages, to come get fit and develop their overall wellness. It’s never too late to start!

Health conditions such as: Glaucoma, Heart Conditions, Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Traumatic Brian Injury, High Blood Pressure, Neck or Spinal Injury, and Vertigo.

However, we do offer other yoga classes that could be potentially good for your health. For instance, Restorative Flying Yoga or Restorative Yoga, and Yin Yoga. Please consult your physician or give us a call if you have any concerns. 

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow range of movement, such as yoga pants and top. Avoid extremely lose clothing to prevent the extra fabric getting in the way. Footwear for the class should be socks. Please remove all jewelry (necklace, bracelets, rings, and, earrings) before class. 

Flying Yoga or Aerial Yoga classes require long leggings or yoga pants (not lose) and tops with sleeves, short or long. For hygienic reasons and also for a better experience with the fabrics, cover your underarms completely.  

Please bring water (we have water for donation $1), a towel, and yoga mat (we have for rental $1) for positions on the floor. Don’t forget motivation to get fit!! And a smile!

Please arrive well hydrated, and eat a light meal one or two hours before class. To work out safely and have sufficient energy, your body requires the needed nutrients in your system. 

Yes! Hammocks are limited. Please reserve your spot by signing up online or calling (310) 863-1231 or e-mail us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we would be more than happy to help you.

Walk-ins will be accepted ONLY if there is room available in the class.

Depending on the class. However, we accommodate all levels. The poses and movements start fairly easy and progress to more challenging movements when you progress to a different level of class. Your instructor will provide poses and movements appropriate for all levels and recommend the best class for you. Do not feel shy or embarrassed to ask your instructor for a modification. We all have different bodies.

No, it is not a requirement, although some prior training in yoga or aerial arts would be helpful. Your instructor will guide you every step of the way, to help familiarize yourself with the class format and the hammocks. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so your instructor can give a break- down on what will take place in your class and to fill out waiver. We want to be sure you are receiving the best workout possible!

Flying Yoga is the practice of traditional Hatha yoga with a soft fabric hammock, supporting up to 1000 lbs, suspended a few feet off the ground. The hammock is a prop like a strap or block, intended to support alignment, deepen awareness and provide the immediate benefit of spinal decompression. With the weight of the body partially or fully supported along with the help of gravity, we can explore and create space in our bodies as intended in traditional Yoga practice. Without the compression of the joints and spine we can achieve proper posture and alignment through relaxation rather than effort, as a result finding a more balanced and unencumbered expression of each pose.

Many Flying Yoga postures are designed to help the student better understand the purpose of traditional Yoga postures and some are meant to help students achieve advanced traditional Yoga postures which can take years to learn. Flying Yoga fears unwind, the mind quiets, core-strength is built, and students leave the class feeling whole.


Depends on the class! Most of our classes has very simalar structure, 15-20 min floor warm up, aparatus warm up, class (routine of the day) cool down and performarce at the end of the class with a few poses that you learn during the class. This help you to keep track of your improvements and progress, and to check your postures on your own. 

Flying Yoga, Restorative Flying Yoga do not have warm up on the floor we do a flow flying yoga, or restorative flying yoga on the  hammocks. 

Bring a yoga mat to class (we have some for rental $1). Wear a shirt that covers your underarms completely. Bring a large towel or thick sweatshirt for padding until you are used to the feeling of the fabric. DO NOT use hand lotion before class, wear jewelry, belts, or clothing with grommets, gems, or anything that could potentially snag the fabric. Avoid shorts or very baggy clothing. Please trim your finger and toenails and avoid eating or drinking acidic liquids an hour prior to class. Please observe good personal hygiene and wear deodorant in consideration for the next person using the hammock.

NOTE: FEMALES if you are on your PERIOD please do not take any of the Flying Yoga or Aerial Silks classes. Inversions are not healthy, hygienic, or safe when you are on your PERIOD. However, you can come to a more relaxing or challenging fitness classes on the floor, such as Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Core Yoga, Zumba, Belly Dance, Candelight Yoga, and more.

Please talk to the instructor before attending class if you have any medical issues that prevent you from inverting (glaucoma, heart condition, etc.) or putting pressure on your skin. If you have a spinal injury or medical condition, check with your doctor first.