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Question 13. How Do I Prepare for a Flying Yoga Class?

Bring a yoga mat to class (we have some for rental $1). Wear a shirt that covers your underarms completely. Bring a large towel or thick sweatshirt for padding until you are used to the feeling of the fabric. DO NOT use hand lotion before class, wear jewelry, belts, or clothing with grommets, gems, or anything that could potentially snag the fabric. Avoid shorts or very baggy clothing. Please trim your finger and toenails and avoid eating or drinking acidic liquids an hour prior to class. Please observe good personal hygiene and wear deodorant in consideration for the next person using the hammock.

NOTE: FEMALES if you are on your PERIOD please do not take any of the Flying Yoga or Aerial Silks classes. Inversions are not healthy, hygienic, or safe when you are on your PERIOD. However, you can come to a more relaxing or challenging fitness classes on the floor, such as Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Core Yoga, Zumba, Belly Dance, Candelight Yoga, and more.