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~Basic Hammock

Amean felt at home with the art and science of flying the first time he tried aerial yoga. His journey in healing self and others started over twenty five years ago with Qigong & Taichi practices. Later, he added Yoga, and Kungfu practices to further integrate the various spiritual modalities to a more integrated “heal yourself” trend. This trend keeps us most charged up to overcome our daily physical, emotional, and mental challenges. Amean’s self-realization and self-awareness journey enables him to flow in a state of love, joy, peace, and compassion throughout the day, and to overcome any challenge in the most effective way.

He has produced over 200 podcasts, has been teaching for over seven years in the art and science of healing self, others, and the living earth, and has performed distance healing via phone globally, free of charge for the benefit of humanity. Amean integrates western body physiology with acupuncture energy pathway and chakra system. This integrated technique helps us to flow in love, to be at peace, to experience joy at the cellular level and practice compassion during the class as we learn aerial yoga.